We need firefighters for the 2018 calendar! Any firefighter in any city or town in Massachusetts is welcome to apply. Sorry ladies, it's just for the men right now as a calendar featuring both males and female firefighters would be a difficult sell.

This is a commitment, but we promise it will be the time of your life. (Check out our Facebook page for the proof!) You will be asked to sell $1500 worth of ads that will run along the bottom on your page. These ads will pay for the cost of photography, design and printing. Most guys find this easy as friends and family and local businesses are happy to support the cause, and we'll help you with resources.

There won't be a tryout event this year; rather, you'll apply, we'll accept you, and the first 12 guys to meet the ad requirement will make it in.

You will be professionally photographed with an animal of your choice (your own if you have rescued one) and asked to participate in various calendar-related events. You'll be celebrating your job and supporting a well-deserving, local charity serving animals. Fill out the application below. Or, if you have questions first, call or text the publisher, Ann Martini, at 401-787-4057. 

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